Sync N Scale GPS Card


Sync-n-Scale GPS Card

The Sync-n-Scale GPS Card (SYNC-GPSDO-001) is a very accurate GPS-disciplined time and frequency oscillator source that updates its local host operating system clock through a proprietary OS Driver, and optionally distributes this time information to an indefinite chain of expansion cards1 over a proprietary high-speed serial interface. The GPS Card combines a GPS receiver with a disciplined ovenized oscillator and control circuitry, into a low-profile PCI express 1X form factor. The PCIe card bulkhead contains a TNC GPS antenna input cable connection in addition to an RG-45 output driving the optional distribution chain to expansion cards. The RG-45 output consists of a complementary 62.5MHz clock pair and time information sent over a high-speed serial interface (MGT).

The GPS Card operates in four modes: acquiring, tracking/locked, holdover and alarm. The internal control algorithm provides automatic switching between modes in response to the GPS signal availability. Acquire mode is usually the first mode following power-on when the card is starting to discipline the OCXO frequency to GPS source and is waiting for availability of the broadcast UTC GPS time frame. The tracking mode occurs when the device is locked to the signal coming from internal GPS receiver. The Holdover mode occurs when there is no valid GPS signal, but enough history is available to discipline the OCXO in regard to ambient temperature and aging variations.


  • GPS L1 C/A code receiver
  • High Stability OCXO
  • Holdover 10μs accuracy over 2 hours
  • Bullhead TNC GPS antenna connection and RJ-45 optional expansion port
  • PCI Express low-profile form factor card


  • Stratum 1 data center time source
  • Distributed application timing and performance improvement
  • Financial services transaction time stamping
  • FINRA accounting regulatory compliance
  • Accurate block chain calculation time reference

1US Patent Nos. 7,812,682 and 8,072,273. Other US Patents pending.

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