Sync N Scale Expansion Card


Sync-n-Scale Expansion Card

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The figure below describes the architecture of the Sync-n-Scale Expansion Card.

The Expansion Card uses a common OS driver with the GPS Card. Up to two of any combination of Expansion and GPS Source cards can be installed per computer platform. The driver software provides automatic switchover in the event of a loss of one of these two sources providing a variety of redundant configurations ensuring continuous operation in the event of powerdown of a computer platform in the chain, cable re-routing, or component failure scenarios.

The driver creates entries into the Windows Event Logs, which provide real-time detailed operational card status.

The physical form factor is a low-profile PCI express 1X with a bulkhead-mounted dual RJ-45 connector module. The card autosenses upstream versus downstream connections relative to the source, making cable connections easy and in any order. The cable connections are hot swappable; unpowering the cards is unnecessary to make or change cable connections.

The proprietary cables consist of a complementary 62.5MHz clock pair and time information sent over a high-speed serial interface (MGT). The cables are available from Sync-n-Scale in several lengths to span 99% of all typical data center connections.