Sync N Scale Expansion Card


Sync-n-Scale Expansion Card

The Sync-n-Scale Expansion Card (SYNC- EXP- 001) extends the highly accurate Sync-n-Scale GPS Card time reference across multiple computer platforms with no degradation in accuracy. Utilizing the patented1 synchronized crystal oscillator technology, the expansion card is ideal for installations where adding additional GPD antennas and cables is challenging, but indefinite scale-out across more platforms is needed.

The Expansion Card receives time and frequency information from an upstream source, which can either be a Sync-n-Scale GPS UTC Card, or another Sync-n-Scale Expansion Card already in a daisy-chain sourced ultimately by a Sync-n-Scale GPS UTC Card.


  • Same Windows System clock update accuracy as the Sync-n-Scale GPS Card
  • Scale-out capability without the need for more GPS antennas and cables
  • PCI Express low-profile form factor card
  • Low PCIe slot power draw ( < 2 watts)
  • Hot swappable cable connections
  • Common OS driver with the Sync-n-Scale GPS Card


  • Stratum 1 data center time source
  • Distributed application timing and performance improvement
  • Financial services transaction time stamping
  • FINRA accounting regulatory compliance
  • Accurate block chain calculation time reference

1US Patent Nos. 7,812,682 and 8,072,273. Additional US Patents pending.

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